Professional Development

Rygiel is committed to personal growth and development of all its members. For its staff, the Agency offers a broad and comprehensive inservice program which commences with orientation and continues throughout employment.

This program includes a formal mandatory path as well as several workshops and presentations. Additional programs are provided to specific teams based on the needs of the people being supported by that specific team. Also there are training opportunities for volunteers.

The Program Includes (but is not limited to):


An overview of agency history, vision and values, as well as introduction to a number of pratical health and safety issues.

Guiding Approach

Understanding the people we serve and their identity. The goals of the workshop are to assist you in gaining an understanding of the people being supported including their life experiences, resulting vulnerabilities and needs; to encourage you as a support worker to really identify with the people you are supporting; to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the life experiences; to “walk in the shoes” of the people you are supporting.

What is a Meaningful Day?*

A two-day workshop focusing on supporting people with multiple/severe disabilities to have a meaningful day with particular attention given to helping individuals who have spent many years living in an institution.

What is Home?*

This workshop will provide staff supporting individuals with a theoretical and conceptual foundation in understanding the importance of Home. Topics include – Key Elements of a Home; Why Home is so crucial to human beings? What gets in the way of creating real Home? Guidelines when creating Home for persons who have been devalued.

Facilitator Role*

This workshop is an in-depth analysis of the role of facilitator. It offers practical strategies for effectively supporting individuals.

Staff/Family Relationships

Positive relationships between families and staff are an important part of effectively supporting persons who receive services. This workshop is designed to help staff and families understand one another’s perspectives and to encourage the building of good staff-family relationships.

CPR/First Aid*


Driver Training


NVCI / Consciously Caring Compassion

Other courses, workshops and presentations as needed are identified from time to time.

* All programs are open to staff, families and volunteers from our agency and other similar organizations.

In addition, Rygiel is committed to values-based training that was developed by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger. Our Agency offers and/or sponsors Social Role Valorization and PASSING.

For further information, please contact Human Resources at 905-525-4311, Ext. 211.

Conscious Caregiving and Supporting

“A personal and professional growth and development course for Human Services/Health Care Support Workers and Leaders”

Times and Dates: Keep checking here for future opportunities.

Cost: $275.00/person

For more information, please contact Human Resources at 905-525-4311, Ext. 211.