Rygiel Housing Corporation

In the late 1990’s, Rygiel Supports for Community Living acquired a number of houses using dollars raised through fundraising and donations. As the organization neared its goal of closing its institution, it realized that more houses and modifications would be needed and envisioned using its current assets to secure additional funding.

It was out of this planning that the Board developed its own non-profit housing corporation.  The Rygiel Homes Housing Corporation was incorporated in March, 2001 and currently owns 14 houses.

The following Operating Principles were adopted:

  1. All Tenants have the right to affordable, accessible and safe housing.
  2. All Tenants will have home security.
  3. All Tenants will have Tenant’s Rights and Responsibilities as provided for under The Landlord and Tenant Act.
  4. The Corporation will be open to new and varying ways to receive contributions from the families and to do so with the purpose of assisting families in providing housing security for their family member who has a developmental disability.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

  • Brenda Hamilton (Chair)
  • Valerie Dalgetty-Righton
  • Tony Tigani
  • Mark Stewart
  • Donna Marcaccio
  • John Baxter

We’ve come a long way…