Contact Us

Administration Office:
220 Cranbrook Drive
Hamilton, ON L9C 5V7
Tel:(905) 525-4311
Fax:(905) 525-5933

Directions: Our Administration Office is located at the intersection of Garrow and Cranbrook Drive, just west of Garth Street between the Linc and Stonechurch Road.



Paula Barrett, Executive Director
Robin Brennan, Manager of Community Resources
Colleen Clementi, Manager of Properties and Facilities
Amanpreet Dhillon, Manager of Residential Services
Leigh Michelsen, Manager of People and Culture
Martin Sherwood, Manager of Finance
Viola Galamini, Community Support Resources Facilitator
Amy Comtois, Community Resource Facilitator

Pour les informations les Services à propos du Développement, contactez ‘Services de l’Ontario  pour les personnes ayant une deficience intellectuelle’ à 1-877-376-4674 ou le courier électronique