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Our Story – Their Future


RYGIEL Supports for Community Living provides support to people who have a developmental disability and other handicapping conditions. The services provided are determined by each person’s individual needs and these services will enhance the opportunity for the person to be a fulfilled, participatory member of his/her community. Each person we serve is supported by family, friends and staff to describe their lifestyle dreams and the needs they have. A process known as a Personal Lifestyle Plan is then developed and clear goals are identified. It is our job to help the person, through appropriate assistance, address their needs and work towards realizing the goals. The Agency’s Vision and Mission provide us with a clear direction for our endeavours undertaken on behalf of the people we serve. We continue to provide a variety of supports to people. This may be twenty-four hour accommodation support, semi-independent living support, ongoing short-term assistance through various respite programs, family in-home support, assistance to families with special services at-home contracts, individualized funding contracts, as well as providing support to people in work, volunteer, business, leisure and recreational endeavours. This integrated model of service is driven by the individual’s desires, dreams and needs and carries the potential for a fulfilled life.





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